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Tha Epicenter Studioz
  • Tower (64 Bit, 16GB Ram, i7 Core Processor, 1Tb SSD Hard Drive)

  • External Storage (4 TB (x2), 500 GB (x2))

  • DAWs (Pro Tools, Sonar Platinum, Wave Lab)

  • Plugins (Processing) (Slate Digital, Neutron Adv. 2 & 3, Ozone Adv. 8 & 9)

  • Plugins (Processing) (Some Waves)

  • Plugins (Correction) (RX-8 Advanced, Melodyne, Auto Tune)

  • VSTs (Pro Tool Natives, Addictive Keys, Addictive Drums 2, Aria Player)

  • VSTs (Kontakt 6 Player,60+ Maschine MK3 Sound Packs)

  • Effects (Pro Tool Native, Native Instruments plugins)

  • Effects (Guitar Rig 5 Pro, Guitar Rig 6 Player)

  • Power Conditioner

  • SM58 (x4)

  • P220

  • KSM32

  • 48 pt Patchbay

  • 16 pt XLR Patchbay

  • Art Pro VLA II Compressor

  • Warm Audio TB12 Preamp

  • DBX 286s Preamp / Processor

  • Behringer Truth B2031A

  • Alesis Elevate 4

  • Focusrite Clarett+ 8Pre

  • Mackie Big Knob Studio+

  • Samson S-Phone Amp

  • AKG HP4E Headphone Amp

  • Skull Candy Crusher Headphones (Booth)

  • AKG K712 Headphones (Engineer)

  • Carlo Robelli Acoustic Guitar

  • Fender Jazz Bass

  • Korg M3

  • Concertmate 880 (Yes...Radio Shack's OG)

  • Maschine MK3

We are a project studio that doesn't rely on expensive gear and a ton of plugins to make great music.  The goal is to capture the sound of an artist's vision as accurate and natural as possible.
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Before Mastering

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After Mastering

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Book A Session Now!



$30 per hour

Come record your music in our comfortable and intimate studio environment.  Although we can't track drums or amped instruments, we can refer you to Gradwell House, an excellent and professional recording studio in Haddon Heights, NJ.  Note:  This is a recording service only, not producer direction.


What You Get For Your Money:

Recording, Rough Mix, Stems Via Google Drive.

We'll also offer you the chance to video record and photograph your session.


$300 per song

At Tha Epicenter Studioz, we focus on mixing for balance and bringing out the "it" factor of your music.  We save the loudness war for the mastering process.  The goal is to dynamically blend your music within the scope of your organic sound.  Sorry, sit-in sessions are not currently available.


What You Get For Your Money:

Audio Cleanup, Vocal Alignment, Element Balance, EQ, Compression, Effects, Up to 3 revisions

Gear Rack.png


$50 per song

We strive to correct any frequency issues, enhance your music's energy and crank up the volume to compete with other artists on radio and streaming platforms.  Up to 3 revisions


What You Get For Your Money:

Frequency Enhancement, Compression, Saturation, Volume


$500 and up

Our compositions ranges from R&B to Hip-Hop with a touch of gospel and classical.  We aim to create sample free beats and offer producer consultation for those needing some musical direction.


What You Get For Your Money:

Tailored Production, License Agreement, Tracked Out Stems

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