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Biden & Trump

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

With the current circus of an election that just went on in the U.S., one can often forget the key components of life. With talks of corruption and cheating, verbal assault and bashing as well as alternate agendas, we, who like to be entertained, disregard the fact that the candidates are in fact employees. Don't be misguided! I would like to take this time to also talk about the most valuable candidates that often get overlooked. Let's Go!

First I would speak on Jesus Christ. That's whom I have decided to place my soul's stake in and so naturally I would evangelize my view. No matter which candidate you voted for, I admonish you to keep your eyes on Christ. God sets up and tears down kingdoms and kings. His will for our benefit will be done no matter what person sits at the head of the country's table. I challenge you to give Christ a shot and experience the release of stress from this corrupt world. He has overcome the world already and His peace He wants to impart unto you. I speak from first-hand experience. I've been provided for through prayers of my parents and friends even though at the time I didn't want to acknowledge God at all. Hey, I didn't always believe in Christ ya know!

Secondly, I would speak on you. We are all to blame for the overwhelming power gained by our government. The institution was put in place to help guide the nation according to the citizens beliefs and thoughts. However, the government wields enormous power and I would even dare to say that they control the lives of the people. How did this happen? It began with not looking to God for direction and allowing elected men and women of government to dictate society's flow. Too many of us rely on them to eat, pay our rent and bills. There are far too many people, who are capable of working and supporting themselves, attaching themselves to welfare's wallet. Welfare was establish to help the needy, not support the lives of the capable. I see the lazy culture of America at work. People coming to work high or drunk around dangerous equipment. People coming to work and attempt to dictate what they are going to do to their employer. They act as if they didn't sign and submit an application to come work for another individual. You don't want to work for someone else...then start your own business! I digress lol.

Those are merely two of the examples of how the government has seized control. I'm sure you can state many more. Once someone has the ability to tell people when and how they will eat, where they will sleep as well as what they cannot do inside their residence if they are being assisted is nothing more than a puppet master pulling the strings. I saw a meme/quote that stated that if you are at the same spot in life now as you were before the pandemic, then you are to blame. What are you waiting for? Why haven't you improved your mind's direction and begun fulfilling your life's goal? To my music friends, are you still looking for someone to hire you or have you started your own business and offer your services? There's a difference. Ownership is important no matter the flow of your faith or life's direction. Be in control of the road and not just the vehicle. Use technology, don't be used by it. Get off that &*@!!!#% and get up, get out and be someone! That's my two cents. Take it or leave it. Be blessed by the one and true living God Jesus Christ and stop relying on man to fix your problems all the time. -Azarael

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