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Salvation Christmas Vol. VI (Theme: Healing)

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Why oh why are we talking about a project coming out during the Christmas season in 2021? The answer is simple...we want to make it progressively better than volume V. A little info about the Christmas Album series. It comes out every two years. It started out with just the founding members of FPC (Fantom Phriction Clique) and has since been expanded to include other artists who want to inspire hope, strength and motivation during the holiday season. Don't be fooled...not everyone is in a state of bliss during Christmas. are going through the rough seas and need to be reminded they are not alone. That's the purpose of our Christmas albums.

What do you have to do to participate. That also is simple. Create a song that can help with the theme of the album. We'll put it with the other tracks...then with your permission...we'll put it out on our Soundcloud page for one year. You maintain your copyright...we don't rob people. You are free to put the songs you create on your own social media outlets. In will be given physical copies of the album to distribute or sell to friends and family. Whatever your profits are from the CDs are yours to keep. That's how we give back. We at Salvation Wreckordz choose to give out the album for free and don't charge for it online till the end of January. Even then...we only sell the original music that we make. You are free to exploit your copyright any way you choose. That's how we give back. For those who don't make music...we can help with that also. We'll produce a beat for you for free and even record, mix and master it for free if need be. We prefer to master the album so that we can maintain our sonic signature but you also can have the track mastered wherever you want. This is how we give back.

Don't miss the opportunity to showcase to a new audience your talent while also helping a worthy cause to help the downtrodden.


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