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-Tha Dream Team-

Thru Divine Alignment we make and MUV on freshly MINTed paths
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Label Responsibilities

-Business Affairs

-Marketing / Sales

-Audio Engineer


A.A.S. Audio Production

A.A. Music

B.S. Music Industry Business

B.S. Music Industry Technology

"The Older You Get, It's Better You Must Focus"

Chief Executive Officer
Christal Clear
Chief Operating Officer

Label Responsibilities

-Artist Development

-Audio Engineer



B.F.A. Illustration

"Knowledge Is Power, So Go Get Some"

Label Responsibilities



A.S. Nursing

B.A. Applied Behavior Science

M.A. Psychology

Ph.D. Psychology

"Don't Be Afraid Of Your Destiny, Reach Out For It"

Branding Department Manager
Digital Department Manager

Label Responsibilities

-Art & Video

-Digital Assets

B.A. Psychology

M.A. Counseling

"Life Is Too Short To Be Upset"

Black Continents.jpg
our mission statement
The World Is Our Mission

The Music Is Our Tool
We Are Da Muvmint
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