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Bravehearted Big Stiggz
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Big Stiggz is an artist that focuses on creating music that not only entertain, but also educate, encourage and inspire listeners to examine their own thoughts and life decisions.  As a family friend turned brother, it was only a matter of time before he would become an artist on Salvation Wreckordz.  He would be the 1st artist “signed” to the label that would be fully developed to become a better emcee.  His introductory first song “Brother’s Keeper (Am I)” appears on the label’s 1st compilation album “2020 Vizion”.  Big Stiggz would go on to appear on “Bop With Me” with Azarael, “We Refuse” as a part of the group the Mic Raiderz and “It Getz Real” with Christal Clear, which can also found on the same compilation album.  He led the charge in 2021 with the song “Bravehearted” and appears on other tracks on the 2021 EP “Perseverance” such as “You Can Do It” and “Let It Come To You”.  In true label fashion, Big Stiggz pulled in other artists (JWalkz & Mr. B) that hail from New Jersey to appear on the label’s 6th Christmas album. He not only demonstrated his ability to craft various flows, but also showed how he has matured into an artist with the ability to guide other artists in the creation of golden music.  In 2022, he would make an appearance on Azarael’s “Fade To Black / Facing Life” album before preparing to work on his 1st solo album.  Besides being an artist, he is also the host of Stiggy’s Savory Haven, where he introduces his audience to his world of culinary excellence.  Big Stiggz 1st masterpiece is sure to excite the masses as he continues to carve out his own lane in an oversaturated industry.  Quiet on the set!

Other Releases

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culinary excellence

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