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To stream or not to stream...that is the question!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

In this society of instant gratification, I've come to ask myself....should I stream my "last" solo album or not? It is my belief that people no longer value music as they once did. Many don't know the exciting feeling of waiting outside of Sam Goody or Tower Records to buy the newest release. Foreign is the anticipation of grabbing that tape or CD that you see displayed through the closed gate of the store. These experiences are no longer...a thing. Honestly, I get it. The majority doesn't want to bother with opening a wrapper, reading liner notes or sacrificing space in their digital devices. I hear ya! Keep up old man! Eh. Keep up with what exactly? The oversaturation of repeated rhetoric and sounds or the will to put a blindfold over my eyes so I can't see the streaming services split pennies and issue what they call a royalty payment to my distributor. Heck, if anyone should cherish music, it should be the artists who create said music. Am I right or am I right. Those who love the craft as though it is life, rarely bother with the infamous thought of, "how can I get a million streams and make a few hundred bucks"! Personally, I create music because it's a foundation of my life. I've created music before streaming, sales and marketing and according to the staff at Salvation Wreckordz, I'll continue to make music until the day I die. Thanks guys. However, as not to digress or ramble much longer, what will I do with the Fade to Black/Facing Life album due to release next year? I consider the love for the art to be more valuable than the fame and play of the game. With that being said, I'm choosing to sell physical CDs and digital copies through our website ( and that's it. Okay, maybe set up some sort of membership type thing where you pay the label a monthly fee and have access to stream the album, but screw Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon. I like YouTube though, so I'll create a few videos for that platform, but then that's it. I can hear the laughter now.'re crazy buddy! That's not how it's done! Nobody is streaming your stuff anyway so nobody is gonna buy a double cd for 20 dollars homie! My response? Hey, if you enjoy listening to my music, but don't want to hand me 20 beans to help a brother out and show your appreciation...well...I most likely don't want you as a fan. I said what I said. I can be the only one to listen to my music and that's just fine by me. If you'd rather spend hundreds of dollars going to the concerts of superstars who wouldn't know you from a face in the crowd, than supporting your friends and family who have more of an interest in your well being and good fortune...then do you. I rather make this music for one true believer than a million clones who believe that music isn't worth buying if you're not famous. Screw the game. Screw the industry. I AM DA MUVMINT!...HOW ABOUT YOU?

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